Atlantas Best Hormone Replacement Program

Atlantas Best Hormone Replacement Program

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This is a letter we have just received from the wife of a new client who thinks that we are Atlanta’s best hormone replacement program.  Hope you enjoy!!

My husband and I met in college through mutual friends. We were both very athletic and active, which is what drew me to him initially. We married two short years after meeting and began a family shortly after. I really felt like I had everything I’d ever wanted. About 5 years later I noticed that a month or two would go by without a single intimate event, but when I brought it up John dismissed it citing stress as the main contributor. Even more concerning was the changes I noticed in John’s* personality, he no longer wanted to be active with me and was beginning to put on weight. I knew he was stressed out from his job so I tried not to make it worse by pressing the issue, however everything coupled with his indifference to it all began a drive a wedge between us. I just missed the man I married.

One day I was having lunch with an old college girlfriend of mine and I began to confide in her the issues John and I were having and she immediately recommended that we go to your place that had helped her husband resolve his low testosterone issues.  She vouched that you guys were indeed Atlanta’s best hormone replacement program.

John doesn’t have low t I thought to myself, but then again I guess we really didn’t know, had he been checked recently?

As she began to go down the list of symptoms, I felt as though she reading a synopsis of my life for the last 2 years, I couldn’t believe how well it described John’s characteristics as of late.  It was the first time in a long time that I had new hope for our marriage. So naturally, I rushed home, tidied up a bit and began to prepare one of his favorite meals in order to set the tone for a very important discussion.  I wanted to make sure I presented this as an opportunity for healing and not as me adding on one more problem we needed to fix. To my surprise, he was very receptive and almost appreciative of my dedication to better our marriage.  We opened the laptop to “Low T Nation’s” page and after reviewing the Testosterone Replacement Blog as well as the rest of the site together for several minutes we made an appointment online for the following week.

The appointment at your clinic could not have gone any smoother. Everything was so perfectly explained to us, and we left knowing what went wrong and how to go about fixing it. Fast-forward  three months after starting treatment and I feel like I have my husband back (you might even say my boyfriend back for that matter). Yet more importantly, I was shocked to learn of what could have happened to John if his low T was left untreated, we were at risk of losing a lot more than our marriage. He could have likely developed prostate cancer, diabetes or even heart issues.

Thank You Low T Nation for healing my John and our relationship, as well as truly being a partner throughout this whole process.

Barbara ***********

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