Compliance and Low Testosterone Therapy

Compliance and Low Testosterone Therapy

Men, one of the most important things to keep in mind when on a testosterone replacement therapy is remaining compliant at all time.

These programs are designed to optimize your body in ways that keep other systems and hormones in check as well.  When a patient falls out of compliance with HCG or Testosterone, other hormones and systems are affected as well.  This yo-yoing of multiple hormonal systems in the body can wreak havoc on a man’s state of mind and emotional well-being.

Also, HCG compliance is absolutely crucial in optimizing overall testosterone levels as well as optimizing testicular health.  Patients who do not take their HCG routinely can experience testicular atrophy and shrinkage as well as lower testosterone levels across the duration of their therapy.  This actually negates the entire purpose of being on the therapy in the first place.

So men, in closing, please do all you can to ensure that you are consistent with all of your prescriptions from Low T Nation.  A prescription calendar, appointments in your phone’s calendar or even apps like MediSafe Medication Reminder (APPLE,  ANDROID) will help you you more compliant, therefore healthier and happier!

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