Erectile Dysfunction Atlanta

Our Atlanta based Low T Nation practitioners are expertly trained in the areas of Erectile Dysfunction.  Our Erectile Dysfunction therapies are implemented in two phases usually.  First we attempt to use an oral medication, then we graduate to an injection based therapy for our more severe patients of for patients who cannot tolerate the oral prescriptions.

Oral Medical for Erectile Dysfunction:  Our oral prescription approach involves utilizing drugs like Viagra that encourage increased blood flow into the penis, encouraging the smooth muscle mechanism which generates an erection.  Most men will respond very positively to the oral route, however, some men do not tolerate the prescriptions comfortably and some men suffer from a more severe condition and require additional intervention to ensure they can achieve complete satisfaction with their sexual function when it is desired.

Injection based Erectile Dysfunction:  Our injection based therapy consists of taking the time to learn exactly how each patient’s individual erectile dysfunction is affecting them.  We feel this is absolutely necessary because we use several medications in conjunction with our ED therapy and each of these medications have different effects on an erection such as duration, strength, time to achieve and more.  Once we understand the exact issue, we can develop a very individualized formula to accommodate the patients exact erectile dysfunction.  We utilize a test injection in the clinic to ensure that our prescription is the right fit for the patient and at that point, (after the appropriate education) the patient is allowed to continue the therapy on their own.  We also take plenty of time to inform the patient on potential issues with this therapy and exactly what they should do when anything other that the desired results are achieved.

Oral medications often start with a trial of a prescription such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. These drugs cause the blood vessels supplying the penis to dilate (open wider), increasing the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Between 40 percent and 85 percent of patients will experience better sexual performance if they take the medication 45 to 60 minutes before sex. Some men do experience side effects, however. Common side effects include headache; nasal stuffiness; a blue-green tint to their vision; and flushing.