Low T and Fat Gain

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For many years it has been a widely accepted fact that obesity causes low testosterone levels. However, recent studies have shown that low testosterone levels may also be the underlying cause of obesity in some men.

A study conducted by the New England Research Institute found that in a group of nearly 2,000 men, the strongest predictor of low testosterone levels was the amount of belly fat a man had. According to a similar study, men often suffered from increase in body fat on average of 36% when suffering from low testosterone.

Low testosterone levels can make it very difficult for men to lose weight as low T-levels often result in a loss of energy and muscle, as well as negatively impacting motivation and self-esteem. Consequently, men who fall into the vicious cycle of obesity and low testosterone levels will often struggle to find their way out.

While the medical community does not fully understand how, it has been shown that testosterone plays a direct role in preventing the creation of fat cells. As testosterone levels decrease, fat cell production increases and thus the cycle of weight gain begins.

To make matters worse, fat cells create an enzyme that converts the body’s testosterone into estrogen. Since estrogen naturally slows down the production of testosterone, the more fat cells a man creates, the less testosterone his body will produce.

Healthy testosterone levels play an important part in maintaining weight, increasing muscle mass, promoting testosterone production, and improving body image. In men with low testosterone levels, the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help to end the vicious cycle of weight gain and muscle weakness that negatively impact overall health and quality of life. Best of all, it is never too late to start reversing the negative effects of low testosterone through the use of TRT.

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