Low T and Heart Disease




A study conducted by researchers at Ghent University Hospital has shown that there is a strong link between low testosterone levels and cardiovascular disorders, as well as cardiovascular mortality. During the course of this study, researchers took a look at as many studies as they could find dating from 1971-2013.

Adequate testosterone levels have been proven vital to many of the body’s youthful metabolic processes. This includes the ability to remove excess cholesterol from arterial walls and transport it to the liver where it will be removed from the body. Furthermore, even men who are careful about their lifestyle choices in order to prevent the buildup of excess cholesterol can ultimately experience high cholesterol levels if suffering from low testosterone levels as the body struggles to process the bad cholesterol in their system.

Doctors often prescribe medications to help promote the disposal of bad cholesterol through the liver. These medications often fail to work in men with low testosterone levels as the body is still unable to move the excess buildup caused by the use of these drugs.

Low testosterone levels not only pose a risk to men with preexisting heart problems, but to men both young and old, even if they do not have any current heart problems. Consequently, all men should actively monitor their testosterone levels to help limit their risk of developing cardiovascular issues in the future.

During a 12 week study 20 men received weekly injections. Half of the men received a placebo while the other men received testosterone. After just 12 weeks, the men who were receiving testosterone had fewer symptoms, better moods, improved heart function, and improved physical endurance.

Another study that took place over the course of five years showed that men who received Testosterone Replacement Therapy were 30% less likely to have cardiovascular problems than men who suffered from low testosterone levels.

While there are many factors that can contribute to the development of cardiovascular problems, low testosterone levels have been shown to have a huge impact on your overall risk. To learn more about how you can improve your heart health and overall quality of life through Testosterone Replacement Therapy, be sure to talk to one of our qualified physicians today.

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