Low T and Moods



According to Dr. Robert Brannigan, men are often treated with antidepressants when the truth is that the underlying problem behind their depression is low testosterone levels. Many mental health doctors have also noticed that a substantial number of men who suffer from depression also suffer from low testosterone levels.

Depression is just one of the many ways that low testosterone can greatly impact mood. Men may also find that they have trouble sleeping, suffer from a lack of energy or motivation, and generally feel less masculine. As a result of these problems, men will often experience weight gain, irritability, decrease in muscle mass, and a loss of sex drive. Some men may also suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of these issues.

It is quite common for people to believe that low testosterone levels will cause a man to behave in a quiet or meek manner. However, studies have shown that males are more likely to react in a violent or confrontational manner when suffering from low testosterone levels. This is due to a decrease in the opiods in the brain which produce elevated moods.

According to a study of nearly 4,000 men, those with significantly lower testosterone levels were twice as likely to suffer from depression. As part of this study, controls were put into place to account for other common causes of depression, such as obesity, age, and general health.

Men who suffer from mood instability as a result of low testosterone can often see improvement quickly with the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. In fact, many men will experience a difference in just a matter of weeks when receiving TRT from a qualified expert.

While there are many testosterone replacement programs out there, our therapy is uniquely more successful. This is because rather than coming into the clinic each week to receive your injections, you will self administer these injections at home. This greatly reduces the chance of any missed doses as a result of scheduling conflicts. Since consistency is one of the most important factors in determining the success of TRT, the ability to self administer will serve to increase the overall benefits you will enjoy.

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