Low T Therapy and Low-Normal

Low T Therapy and Low-Normal

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One of the most frustrating aspects of Testosterone Replacement we hear from our Atlanta patients is that they’ve been tested by their doctor and the results said that they were “low-normal”.  This is extremely disappointing to the patient because they don’t usually ask for the test unless they are suffering from Low-T symptoms and they need relief.   Most of the laboratory ranges for Testosterone are somewhere between 350-1100.  The problem with the “low-normal” finding is that it takes the individualism out of the patient care and it says that you’re low-normal for the entire population of men that the lab range (350-1100) is trying to represent. The range is that wide because many healthy and fit men walk around the 400’s in the prime of their lives, while others walk around at over 1000. There is no way to look at a man and guess what his level should be at.  If a man’s bloodwork comes back with a Testosterone score of 375, it is indeed in the range, but it doesn’t account for the fact that he may be a individual who previously had a testosterone score of 800 in his prime.  This means that the patient in question is at about 45% of the testosterone he needs.  Do you see the issue here?

Quality patient management in the testosterone replacement discipline cannot be performed from labwork alone.  In fact, at Low T Nation in Atlanta, we utilize a system of symptomatic qualifiers, lab results, and lifestyle factors to appropriately prescribe patients the right amount of testosterone for THEM.  Not for the entire range of all men who score extremely differently from one another.   We also employ a “start low, go slow” approach as well to make sure that a man that should be at 500 doesn’t end up at 1000 like in most other plans.

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  1. Just got the results back and found my total level was 129. I’ve been fighting the symptoms for years and no one checked my “t” levels. iI live in Indiana, what can I do?

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