Testosterone replacement management starts and ends with understanding the Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Testicular axis, the HPTA.  This is the fundamental supply and demand system that manages men’s testosterone and sperm levels in their bodies.  Understanding this axis is crucial in determining whether a man’s testosterone deficiencies are from primary or secondary hypogonadism.  This will in turn affect how to properly diagnose and prescribe that patient.  Without understanding the give and take involved in the hormone production, a doctor will either usually over prescribe, under prescribe or simply leave out the very vital co-travelers necessary to optimizing a man’s hormonal health.  Watch this video on our Low T Nation youtube channel to learn the basics about how a man’s hormones are monitored and stimulated when needed.  Also, how and when to add HCG and Clomid to ensure all testicular health and function processes are kept intact and healthy.