Picking the best Testosterone Doctor in Atlanta

Picking the best Testosterone Doctor in Atlanta

  • Best testosterone replacement doctor in atlanta

How to choose the best Testosterone Doctor

Here at Low T Nation, we truly believe that we have the best testosterone replacement clinic in Atlanta.  This is because our Atlanta Low T Doctors are all very specifically trained in Low Testosterone Therapy by the top organizations in the country.  One of the more frustrating aspects of our Low T Therapy is dealing with the misinformation and myths that many other doctors believe and give advice based on.  This well intended misguidance causes issues of confusion when their trusted health adviser gives them advice or warnings that are contrary to our standard of care.

The first thing that men need to know about general practitioners and family doctors is that they did not learn the specifics of male testosterone replacement in medical school. This is the most important person, other that yourself, in ensuring that your testosterone replacement program is going to be a success.  If you’re working with a doctor who has undergone additional training regarding male hormone replacement, then that’s fantastic.  If you are working with an endocrinologist, that’s also fantastic.  If you are considering using your family or general practitioner to manage your hormone replacement, you must determine if they have undergone the additional training necessary.  The video below will teach you 7 questions to ask and what the answers should be.  If your doctor cannot answer these questions correctly, find another doctor!

If you have any questions about specific information or advice that your doctor has given you regarding testosterone replacement or anything related, feel; free to set a consultation with one of our practitioners.  We would be happy to discuss any issues you may have.

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  1. I’ve been diagnosed with hypogonadism by my urologist. Both my urologist and my endocrinologist don’t seem to want to help me despite suffering for low test and low libido/ED for the past two years. I need to make a change and don’t know who to turn to. I’d like to be the man I used to be again. I’m depressed all the time and it’s been affecting my quality of life for way too long. I need help.

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