Testosterone Replacement Costs

Testosterone Replacement Costs

  • Testosterone Replacement Costs

Testosterone replacement costs vary widely vary widely,  You need to understand where the hidden costs of the treatments are.  Check out the video for more information.  Make sure you listen to this video in order to understand costs of deductibles, office co-pays, pharmacy co-pays, lab splits, as well as time and energy spent on getting all of the various pieces together.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to get a fairly accurate cost for your TRT treatment. I have been quoted 280.00 a month from a local men’s clinic which covers the testosterone, HGC, and the estrogen blocker. I live in Oregon and am not sure if you work with people here but trying to get ideas of cost from what I have been quoted. I am impressed with everything you guys put out there for education purposes which makes me feel comfortable.

    I have also been quoted 195.00 from a clinic in Florida which they say covers everything. Seems like a pretty wide range for the same services.

    This would be a cash program and no insurance coverage.

    Thank you

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