Testosterone Replacement Medications at Low T Nation

Testosterone Replacement Medications at Low T Nation

The testosterone replacement medications at Low T Nation are never a one size fits all prescription.  We evaluate each patient individually and treat that patient based on his individual physiology, health history, lifestyle and goals.

An example of a standard program consists of:

  • 100MG-200MG of Testosterone per week.  Usually cypionate delivered via IM injection.
  • 500 units of HCG divided into 2 shots per week
  • An estrogen blocker if required. Usually every 3.5-7 days.  Many men do not need this component of the therapy.
  • Clomid is added to the prescription if the patient is currently family planning

This plan is a generic example of a a basic starting point.  After about 2 months, the patient will come back in and have his lab work and symptom relief evaluated again to determine how well he is base lining with the initial prescription.

Explanation of the drugs utilized by our practitioners

Testosterone Cypionate is great vehicle to deliver the hormone because of it’s long-lasting half life.  The half life is about 7-8 days which suits our weekly injection schedule perfectly.  We only utilize bio-identical hormones from only the best compounding pharmacies with the highest accredidations.  This testosterone will have a man optimized in less than 7-8 weeks.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) with Testosterone Replacement, is absolutely mandatory for all of our patients.  It maintains and optimizes testicular health and the output of testosterone.  If a patient is using a protocol which does not utilize HCG, that patient most likely is suffering from testicular atrophy and shrinkage and quite possible will suffer long lasting damage to his overall testosterone production capabilities.  HCG prevents any testicular degradation, optimizes a man’s natural production and therefore reduces the amount of the exogenous prescription required to keep him at an optimal level.

Estrogen blockers are sometimes given to patients when their estradiol levels get out of hand.  We do not give this to most patients because estrogen is very cardio-protective in men.  We only use the estrogen blockers when a patient has a surplus and we then try to carefully and slowly dial it back so as not to bottom out the man’s levels. This should by performed by a doctor who has been trained in managing male hormones.

Clomid is also added as well whenever a patient is currently in the process of active family planning.  Normally, testosterone replacement therapies will reduce a man’s sperm count dramatically.  With Clomid, however, a patient’s sperm count (in conjunction with the HCG) will actually optimize and increase his sperm count and hopefully help him achieve the desired pregnancy.

Our overall philosophy is to first optimize a man’s own natural testosterone production, then to supplement with bio-identical testosterone replacement medications from that level to his optimal level.  Optimal levels are always determined by symptomatic and lab work evaluations. We keep an eye on important blood work values to ensure all systems are working well together.  We monitor estrogen and PSA as well to make sure that if the patient begins to show any side effects at all, we know exactly how to manage that.

45 Responses to Testosterone Replacement Medications at Low T Nation

  1. I am a 70 year old male in good health. Normal blood pressure and slightly high cholesterol. No ED problems but a problem climaxing……Would the therapy help?

  2. I have low t do to testicular cancer. I had my left testicle removed 29 years ago and my remaining testicle has atrophyed to half the normal size. I have been administering shots but didn’t like the side effects. So I have been cold turkey using supplements such as d aspartic acid red ginseng and boron. Has worked so far with no ED problems. What program would you all put me on?

  3. What is a normal level of testosterone? I have seen two doctors and both have said that my level is normal but I still have extreme fatigue, low libido, loss of lean muscle mass, increased body fat and reduced recovery time. I thought normal levels would be different from person to person.

    • “Normal” means many things to many men. Some men feel great at 500 and others dont start feeling better until 1000. It really depends on the individual. I will say that the “low-normal” misdiagnosis is on of the most common from most docs.

  4. I recently had prostate cancer surgery even though I was considered extremely low risk. I have read that the new trend is to provide TRT for former cancer patients as estrogen and low T have shown to be some of the risk factors of prostate cancer. Does your clinic provide TRT for individuals such as myself. I have consulted with other clinics: one clinic refused me, one clinic told me their protocol was 1 year after surgery and the other clinic would start with treatment at about the 6-8 month mark since my surgery. Would your clinic work with me at the appropriate time (6-8 months)since surgery.

    • Roland,

      We typically either need a 12 month clean window OR a letter of clearance from your Urologist or Oncologist who treated you. These other clinics are doing the right thing by making you wait awhile. Let me know if you’d like to chat.

    • Shawn,

      It isn’t. For many reasons, but primarily, it costs you more money out of pocket when using insurance vs using a cash only plan like ours. Uncovered lab costs, hcg, estrogen blockers, shipping, etc, aren’t covered with insurance. There are also many additional complications with using insurance such as the inability to drop ship the prescriptions, weekly office visits (with copays).

  5. Hi. So you recommend one injection of test per week? I’ve seen a lot of recommendations about splitting the dose into 2 injections per week as it creates a more stable level for the whole week. Do you not think this is necessary? Thank you.

    • We recommend at least once a week. There is a slight physiological advantage of going twice weekly, however, you double your chances of missing a shot when doubling the frequency. Hope this helps.

  6. If I’m taking Testosterone Cypionate 0.4 ml 2 times a week and HCG .25 6000 iu 2 times a week. What is the suggested method to come off both?

  7. I am currently considering your office but I have called and left messages and also 2 emails. First, let me say congratulations for being so busy and two being that you are so busy I am wondering how effective it would be for me as one out of state to consider your practice? Thanks for any feedback.

  8. Hey Doc,

    Thanks for your Youtube videos!

    I was watching your advice on 250iU of HCG 2 days before the T shot (both days before).

    I inject 50mg of testosterone for HRT twice weekly. This helps smooth the ride a little. How would I adjust your advice for HCG if I inject twice weekly and not 100mg once weekly?

    Thanks so much!!

  9. Can I get the meds on my own and only do the doctor’s visits and lab work with you guys?
    I work in the medical industry so I have the ability to get all the medications needed.


    Thank you so much our dreams came true

  11. Just recently had a visit to the doctors office. Ran blood work, came back low test at 227. Scheduled a visit back in tomorrow to talk out therapies. What should i expect to talk about? anyhow, you probably wont answer this in time but after reviewing some videos of yours on youtube, it sounds as though you guys know what you are doing. I left my info for yall to contact me, contact me soon please.

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