Testosterone Replacement Training

If you are a practitioner considering adding Testosterone Replacement Therapy to your list of clinical services, Low T Nation can help.  We have educated nearly 1500 practitioners in the art of Men’s Testosterone Replacement over the last several years.  From diagnosing and prescribing, to the detailed in’s and out’s of managing a drop-ship protocol, we can give you the blueprint to successfully help men in your market become the men they want to be.

Compliance and top quality patient care are the primary concerns, while marketing, communications, logistics, organization, and scheduling are the secondary focal points.  Once these aspects of the protocol are custom fit to your clinical model, the program is seamless and incredibly simple to manage.

Some aspects of our Testosterone Replacement Training:

Diagnosing and Prescribing Training: Low T Nation will train your MD and/or Mid-Levels on the diagnosing and prescribing principles around male hormone replacement necessary to ensure each and every patient is cared for as perfectly and individually as possible. Dosing, co-travelers, lab-work, health benefits, contraindications, side effects, symptomatic qualification and more will be covered. Understanding common “bro-science” myths and misconceptions is crucial to win the confidence and care of most patients.

Protocol Definition: Low T Nation will develop a custom fit Testosterone Replacement Protocol that outlines your Dosing matrix, contraindications, Day 1 requirements, Day 60 requirements, lab-work, call schedule, communications schedule, visit schedule, pharmacy connections, and individualized duties for all clinical personnel involved in the process, from MD to Front Desk, and more.

All Documentation and Forms: Low T Nation will customize and deliver to you all documentation such as FAQ’s, informed consents, behavioral requirements, script for consult, intake paperwork, pharmaceutical scheduling sheets and more.  Everything you need to get started will be supplied.

Front Desk Training: Low T Nation will train your front desk on phone scripts and FAQ’s to maximize conversions from phone calls to closed patients. The front desk will also be trained on the initial engagement of a new patient. This first impression is crucial to maximize new patients confidence and conversion.

Clinical Operations Training: Like any other machine, each part is dependent on the other parts in order for the machine to operate well.  We will train your clinic in every aspect of managing the patient experience from the initial contact through, assessment, intake, prescription management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, patient communications and more. The operational efficiency that our training imparts will tremendously reduce the operational overhead required to manage your patient workload.

Case Management and Sales Training:  We will educate your case managers on the tried-and-true communications and objection management which will ensure that men interested in your program understand the aspects of safety, cost effectiveness, medical supervision, health benefits and more.  Clinics that understand how to answer the objections honestly and intelligently close almost all prospects who are qualified for the program.

Industry Relationships: Low T Nation has established relationships with labs and pharmacies with negotiated rates and services that are unavailable to new clinics.  This Testosterone Replacement Training coupled with these amazing cost-cutting rates make a monumental difference in the race to profitability.

State Compliance Specifics:  There are many protocol specifics that need to be ironed out from state to state. Issues such as dispensing, compounding regulations, tele-medicine statutes, consultation requirements, etc. all must be clearly outlined in order to maintain utmost compliance.

Marketing Training:

  • Training for local businessand medical referral generation
  • Strategies for activation of current patients into the Low-T program
  • Event management strategies
  • Training of dinner lecture presentation
  • Training on best practices for ALL of the deliverables below
  • Case Manager training (sales, closing, objections, FAQ mgmt, etc)
  • Retention strategies to mitigate membership attrition

Marketing Deliverables:

You will receive a customized pack of Testosterone Replacement marketing deliverables to compliment your future marketing efforts.

  • Customized website content to add to an existing website
  • Customized Facebook page
  • Dinner Lecture presentation w/ training video on how to deliver
  • Several  8.5×11 poster & 24×36 posters
  • Customized postcard
  • Customized Ready-To-Go TV commercial (60 second and TV Ready!)
  • Radio scripts (30 and 60 second)
  • 47 x 41 pop-up banner artwork (Compliments Event Management Training)
  • Tri-fold brochures (Compliments Event Management Training)
  • E-Book with Lead Generation system



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